Karinya offers mediation services as a means of resolving disputes. She believes in the power of having a third party facilitator breaking impasse and guiding parties to settlement. In order to give parties the best chance of resolving their disputes, Karinya recommends arranging for a full-day mediation on the basis that disputes that have evolved and entrenched over a period of time cannot be solved in a few hours. Karinya is firm in her belief that mediated settlements should create enduring results.  For this reasons, allowing sufficient time for the mediation is key.

Conflict Resolution Consulting

In addition to mediations, Karinya also offers conflict resolution consulting services. She designs and implements bespoke dispute resolution systems, protocols and policies to prevent disputes from escalating and costs from blowing out.

ADR Training

Karinya has undertaken extensive study in the field of alternate dispute resolution and she loves nothing more than to impart this knowledge to others, empowering them to deal with both professional and personal conflicts head-on in a productive yet peaceful manner. Karinya can arrange for one-on-one training as well as group facilitation. Depending on a client’s needs, she can tailor trainings to be seminar-based or workshop based or a combination of both (being, her preferred approach).


Please contact Karinya by phone on (310) 923 4608 or by email to to obtain a quote for the services you require.


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